Our wireless Internet system is provided, for free and is a complimentary service, as a service to our guests. The system is not intended for uses that require a lot of bandwidth, or high download speeds, such as on-line gaming, YouTube, Netflix or Skype.

The amount of data that each device, connected to our system, may transfer, in a 24 hour period, is limited to 725 MB. This is sufficient to keep in touch, through e-mail and for basic web surfing.

Because the system slows down, when the volume of data transferred increases, in fairness to others, guests transferring more than 725 MB of data, in a 24 hour period, will be blocked from the system.

The efficiency of the system will vary, as will connectivity, depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, the distance you are from an antenna, whether you are inside, or outside, the quality of the transmitter in your wireless device, extraneous radio interference, the number of people attempting to use the system at the same time, and if there are trees, electrical transmission lines, buildings or RVs between you and an antenna. RVs and electrical transmission lines are particularly good at blocking wireless signals.

If you are staying with us, for a month, or more, in a site that has a cable TV connectionyou can arrange to get high-speed Internet service, from Shaw Cable, through our cable system. Check with them for cost and to set up a connection.

Thank you for your consideration and co-operation on this.